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Background[ edit ] The region of South Tyrol had been a place of contending claims and conflict between German nationalism and Italian nationalism. One of the leading founders of Italian nationalism, Giuseppe Mazzinialong with Ettore Tolomeicounterfactually claimed that the German-speaking South Tyrolian population were in fact mostly a Germanicized population of Roman origin who needed to be "liberated and returned to their rightful culture". After the rise of fascism ina policy of Italianization in the area was implemented ruthlessly.

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All places, down to the tiniest hamlet, were given Italian names, opțiunea este acordul even family names were translated. The process intensified in the s, when the government of Benito Mussolini encouraged thousands of southern Italians to relocate to the region, in a deliberate attempt at reducing the indigenous German-speaking population to minority status.

Between and various resistance groups formed in the province to fight opțiunea este acordul fascist Italian regime and its policy of suppressing the German language.

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Children were taught the prohibited German language in clandestine catacombe schools and Catholic media and associations resisted the forced integration under the protection of the Vatican. The underground resistance movement, the Völkischer Kampfring Südtirols, was formed by a Nazi party member, Peter Hofer de.

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The members of these two language communities had to choose until 31 December between remaining in Italy and losing all minority rights, or emigrating to Nazi Germany, the so-called "Option für Deutschland" option for Germany. Those who chose to stay, called Dableiber, mainly banded together around local Catholic priests.

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The Dableiber were condemned as traitors while the Optanten were defamed as Nazis. The Option destroyed many families and the development of the economy of the province was set back for many years. The first families left their homeland inand by a total of around 75, South Tyroleans had emigrated, of which 50, returned after the war.

The association was founded on 30 January Peter Hofer took leadership of the Association. Peter Hofer was chosen as the Volksgruppenführer.

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Aftermath[ edit ] Most of the people who had emigrated returned to the area in Those who returned had to register both themselves and their children, and they had to prove, by means of a birth certificatethat they had the right to Italian citizenship. Only recently have historians started to examine this period in the history of South Tyrol. According to the census, more than two-thirds